Zach Coblentz

Co-founder of Skatewagon

Vocalist for Hardcore band Punktual

How long have you been skating around Lancaster County?

Since I was 8, so I guess that makes it 21 years poppin over horse patties haha

Favorite thing(s) about the area?

First, I would say it’s definitely the scenery surrounding us. Also, the small town, big heart feel. Lancaster has a great amount of compassionate creatives, it's inspiring. 

What was the first trick you landed &  your overall favorite trick?

My first trick landed I would say was Eating Shit. It may sound silly but that’s the first thing you gotta get good at. Fall and do it again, knowing damn well there's a high possibility of the same outcome. 

Favorite Trick? Haha, it depends on which way the wind is blowing. 

What motivated you to start Skatewagon?

I was coming out of one of the lowest points in my life and needed to occupy my mind with something positive. My wife Marika (gf at the time) and I started Skatewagon by doing a fundraiser for my local park (Quarryville Skate-Jam). From there, it developed into a brand that hosts events for the local Skateboard scene as well as the local musicians, small business’ and artists, most events raising money for local skateparks.

How long did it take from making the decision, to having your first merch designed and in hand?

Well, I come from the music scene and getting merch made was not a foreign concept. I also grew up drawing and took art classes throughout high school. So to answer your question, I’d say 5 months to get it in hand. But that also includes creating our logo in that time, as well. 

What was your first release? 

Our first product release was at our 1st Winter Wagon, February 2022 which was a recreation of my grandfather’s Auto Shop shirts, as well as, logo hoodies and stickers. That one meant a lot, especially considering the basis of our graphics content comes from my grandfather.

Top 3 most memorable moments?

1:Our first event (Quarryville Skate-Jam) because it showed us that the scene was there to keep this train-a-chuggin’.

2:Chad Kramer guest board release. My first complete skateboard was a “Kramer”

Derelict Hotel board so for that to be our first pro model board was monumental.

3: Having a Mennonite Group hand out religious pamphlets outside of our first Winter Wagon. ‘Cause as the late great Lemmy said, “If you're not pissing off the church, school systems or the government, is it really rock & roll?” that may be a bit paraphrased haha.

Top 3 lessons learned?

1: Persistence is Key

2: Fuck what the critics think, stick with the ones hyping you up

3: The earlier you plan it, the better it becomes

What is your advice for anyone looking to start their own skate company or shop?

Get involved in your scene, be the change you want to see, and be your genuine self. 

What does the Lanc scene mean to you?

Home. I was born and raised in Lancaster, built my best friendships here, and if you have the will, there’s a way to make it happen here. With such a growing diversity of interest here, you are bound to find the people, places and things you are looking for.