Danny No No

Founder of Big Eleanor Records

How long have you been living in Lanc? 

5+ years

Favorite thing about the city? 

The Himalayan Grill and an underground show. I do like all of the retirement buildings they are building. Ask me in a couple years, and my favorite thing will be the crazy napping scene.

How long have you been involved in playing and/or booking shows in the indie music scene?

Highschool-ish. Donate a canned good and see a shitty teenager’s band.

When was Big Eleanor Records founded and what was your main motivation(s)?

The first public appearance was made shortly after the news of the passing of DOOM (Fall ‘20). That answers both questions.

What/when was the first Big El Release? 


Homemade Ski Mask - redballbluechicago in early 21. Homemade Ski Mask on, pull it down.

What is the next project(s) in the works?

Fucking “Carry Out On Shaw” by Shaw Calhoune. 

Oh yeah… and then a full project from Adrian Rose …. and then a full project from Laddie Moran…. and some smaller projects scattered throughout…. and some other wild shit ….

When was the first Big El show? 

2023 was the first big year for shows. From local to local states.

Most memorable moments?

That’s tough. I could get really wholesome right now… but I do get to get into my favorite underground rappers' shows for free and watch them make art in real time. It’s crazy.

What is your advice for new artists looking to get signed by an indie label or to start booking shows?

Things cost money.

DLZ: What does the Lanc scene mean to you?

It means quality and diversity. All I see is different creatives finding their spot in the scene and then trying their hardest. I am thankful.

Also, shout out Mrs. Norton.